Выносной микрофон

RSM-35 Remote Speaker Microphone
Remote Speaker Microphone
The RSM35 is designed to meet the needs and requirements for general public security daily use by providing reliable and high quality audio performance.
Key Benefits
Affordable RSM solution
Big 360 degree rotating clip
Durable Kevlar cable
Technical Information
IP67 Ingress Protection
Bi-color Push To Talk button
Optional emergency button
Optional connector plug for earpieces
Durable Kevlar cable, coiled or straight optional;
360 degree rotating big clip
Speaker Sound Pressure Level: 94±3dB @1KHz
Microphone Sensitivity: -42±3dB
PTT Button life: Min. 300,000 times
Cable diameter: 4.0 mm
Cable length: 390 mm (extended 1500 mm
Cable bearable pull force: Min. 30 lbs
Bearable bending: Min. 10,000 cycles
Available in black color